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Lapis Farm - Attack of the B-Team (Modded Minecraft)


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Hello everyone!

Just wanted to share a video I made on a lapis farm for the Attack of the B-Team modpack. It is a fairly simple design that will also provide you with a good amount of the three items.


If you are looking for more Minecraft content, I also do vanilla survival multiplayer on the Blocknauts server and occasionally I post a PvP video. You can check out those series here... YouTube - DemoTheKeySmasher

Thanks! Have a nice day.


Check out a few of my other Minecraft series...

Attack of the B-Team (Modded Minecraft)
This is now a multiplayer series featuring the Attack of the B-Team modpack by Technik. Join the Blocknauts as we take on the crazy adventure this modpack has to offer.

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