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Change ore spawn rates/places to normal


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Hey there,


i just wanted to start with mineraft and decided to begin with the hexxit Mod Pack. I want to check this one out, because i like the fantasy and adventure based mods with new items/mobs/bosses etc.

Anyway i dont want that the first stage of the game (digging and so on) is getting too easy. So i want that the drop or spwan rates and the places of the ores are getting back to the normal vanilla Version. I dont want to find one of the best ores on the surface in order that the first phase (getting first equipement / building house) will be harder.

If there is any other advise you can give me for makeing this first Phase of the game longer and harder i would rly appreciate.



Is there any (easy?) way to do this plz let me know.


Thanks for your help!

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