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Stable Anti-Grief / Blocking System for Survival - 1.2.8e


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I host a private server. The whole point is to have a server that everything is enabled, no blocked ids, nothing....


With any anti-grief plugin, there is heavy required config changes and even then, items like wrenches and much more bypass protection. Not to mention the issues that can arise from [buildCraft] or [ComputerCraft]....


So, Our server has been up for a while, we are 100 % stable, not 1 un-commanded restart. Running MCPC+ w/Essentials & Group Manager... That's it.... We actually have 2 servers in a fail-over, but that's another story.... 


Right now, any player has to "Agree" to a policy and Tekkit provides enough in-game protection, we havent' had any problems.. (i.e. StrongBox, Fields....)


I would like a way to look back at break logs, like LogBlock does... Do you guys know of anything that works like logblock that is compatible with Tekkit, minding, without heavy configuration changes required by me? Possibly a pastebin? 


Thanks in advance. 

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