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Looking for 1 to 2 players to play tekkit with!

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Hey fellow Tekkit players, I am currently looking for 1 to 2 players to do a Tekkit survival with. I am really new to Tekkit so i barely know much, therefore I would need someone with knowledge on Tekkit. A little info about myself, My name is Ashley I am a 15 year old mature guy from England. Iv been playing normal Minecraft for around 3 years therefore I know a fair bit. I can host the server or you can however it will be Hamachi run due I cant portward.



speak English clearly.

Have skype.

Knowledge of Tekkit.

Active alot.


If you are interested post here or message me. 


Thank you for reading :)


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I know that my post is not about and does not meet your requirements but..

I would like to play with somebody who speak English. 

I would like to combine learning English with the game. I know how play. I know MC, tekkit classic (don't know everything about new Tekkit).

I understand a lot of words but I can't speak clearly :( I can't host. I have a premium.


My name is Przemek and I am a 28 year old very mature guy from Poland :D



- patience 

- English 
- TS 
- and once again patience for my English
If you are interested in what will happen to two people from different cultures, I invite you to survival with me :)
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