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Fallout Vault in Tekkit

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I am looking for skilled builders to help me build a Fallout style Vault. I need people who are good at redstone, know how to program Computer Craft and Redpower computers, and are willing to help me. I've seen a post on YouTube of a Vault someone made, but they never posted a dl link, and they went inactive. My goal is to re-create that vault, and add in some of our own twists and additions. Just fill out this short form in your comment. Note: The form is NOT a test. It's just telling me what your good at and when you can work on the project.




Specialty(building, redstone, etc):


Availability to work:


I appreciate all the help i can get!


EDIT: 35 Views, no replies.... come on guys, we need all the help we can get


EDIT #2:Since nobody has responded to this topic saying they want to help, it has been DISCONTINUED. I may work on it in my own free time, but it is now closed to the public. Sorry if somebody actually wanted to help :/

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