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Attack Of The B Team Server For People To Come Together And Play With No Drama

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Started a new attack of the b team server with a few friends and were wanting to expand the server and have a active server with active players.

There is 3 server rules

Rule 1 if its not yours dont touch it if you need something just ask and if we have extra we dont mind giving it to u

Rule 2 pranking is encouraged just if u do dont destory there base and leave something in the prank that will be usefull to the person your pranking

Rule 3 have fun

we like to have fun and were starting to stream this server on twitch and encourage to join and if you have a youtube chan to post videos and if u are a type of person who likes to be social we use skype when we all play on the server everynight and have fun

if interested me msg me for server address and include name and skype name if you want to be on skype with everyone and your age

or add me on skype jj9576 if interested as well for the server adress

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