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Attack of the Galaxy|24/7|No Lag|No Greif|Player Shops|*Few banned items*|

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Welcome to Attack of the galaxy (AOTG for short)! This server has many features that other servers can't provide. A few of them are: No lag. Don't you hate it when your most enjoyable server starts to lag? Well here, you can expect no lag. If the server ever crashes, its because a bug and the bug will be takes care of right away. We also have a great no greif plugin where you take a golden shovel and claim land. With no greif, you can build by your self or with your friends without fear of loosing all of your progress. We also don't ban as many items that other server ban because this pack was made with them and it was made to be played with them so we don't ban things unless they are a major greif problem or they crash the server. Here is a new and friendly community who wishes a few things.


First: Some people like to watch youtube videos about this modded pack (Bdouble0, GenyB, etc.) and would love to play along with them. I for one, am not one of those people and this takes me to a second thing that we wish for.


Second: The mods in this pack are absolutely amazing and fun and they all fit together so well. That is why I haven't banned as much items and mods that other servers do.


Third: We all just like to have fun and sit down and have a good community to enjoy things with. That is what this is. We don't deal with any rule breakers and if you break just one, minor rule, you will get banned. No if but,s, or, or's

Come join now and have fun!


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