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[Voltz 2.0.4] Crusher + Wheat = Either bio fuel at one moment or flour at another moment?


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So, I have created a bio fuel system on my world...
For that, you need to put organic stuff like wheat, potatoes, etc. into the crusher (Mekanism) to make bio fuel, which can then be put in the bio-generator (Mekanism) to create power. (carbon neutral and not a threat to our environment :) )
However, the first time I tried that, putting wheat into the crusher made flour in stead of the intended bio fuel.
Flour seems to be an item from the Applied Energistics mod and in other modpacks with Industrial Craft 2 installed, you can get it by putting the wheat inside the Macerator (an IC2 alternative to the Enrichment Chamber or Crusher from Mekanism)
I found that to be pretty useful, as then I only needed one single wheat to bake 1 bread (in stead of the Vanilla bread recipe, which requires 3 wheat)

So, from that moment, I would always put wheat into the crusher to make flour. (I was fully convinced that the recipe to make bio fuel out of wheat was bugged or overlapped by the recipe to create flour)
However, the following day (client-restart), the wheat which I had put inside the crusher DID make bio fuel in stead of flour.
And then, another day (another client-restart), the wheat turned into flour again.
And so on...

So, to summarize: Flour and Bio fuel are both alternately obtained by putting wheat inside the Crusher. Receiving either flour or bio fuel depends and can be changed by simply restarting the game one or multiple times.

What is causing to have 2 recipes, alternately obtainable in the same way? Is it a conflict between Mekanism and Applied Energistics? (having recipes overlapping each other?)
And is there a way that the creator(s) of the Voltz modpack can fix this? (by making flour obtainable in another way than putting wheat inside the crusher)

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