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[1.0.9c]4EG[24/7][TEAMSPEAK][PvP/PvE][300 SLOTS][SHOPS][RANKS]

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~~~ Attack of the B-Team 1.0.9c  - Currently 300 slots available ~~~


~~~ We have ranks !!! Items/mods restricted by rank ~~~


Click here to view Rank info:


~~~ Running 24/7 - Auto Restart every 4 hours ~~~



Attack of the B-Team  SERVER I.P. : bteam.4eg.in:25588



~~~ Dont Forget our TeamSpeak3 Server ~~~

TeamSpeak 3 Server : ts3.4eg.in


Four Elements Gaming website : http://4eg.in/


Its recommended to get the new Technic Launcher.

Technic Launcher : Technic Launcher Download site

Select Attack of the B-Team  as modpack to launch

Launcher settings/options > Select 1.0.9c Recommended > 




Server designed to teach the new  mods and how to use the machines/items.

Ranking system unlocks mods/items as you rank up. Friendly/helpful staff. Few banned items.

Community of like minded players, willing to assist/help.


Spawn :

picture unavailable



Admin Shops :

picture unavailable rebuilding shops

Admins :

pic unavailable

Jails for players who just dont get it :

pic unavailable

Cemetary for banned players they really didnt get it !!! :

pic unavailable

Players having fun !!! :

pic unavailable

pic unavailable

pic unavailable




(plugins list out of date updating soon! date now April 20th)




  • [1] No Spam : Including, Channels, Players, and commands.
  • [2] No Offensive Buildings : Your structures must be friendly too.
  • [3] No Discrimination/Racism : Speech is a right not a freedom.
  • [4]No Client Mods : Mods or Hacks that give unfair, donator only, or any ability you should not have are not allowed here.
  • [5] Report All Bugs : Finding bugs is fun, reporting them to staff is in the rules and fair for all players.
  • [6] No Begging : Do your own work.
  • [7] No Profanity : Cursing, Vulgar language not permitted
  • [8]No advertising/spamming i.p. for other servers
  • [9]Respect Staff
  • [10] Follow Staff Directions



Will be updating this list.

As of yet there will be no bans.





HeadAdmin - WayneFrancis

Admins - KiwiBlaze, DemonKezzington, devildeath

Mods - chopper31, senoc, cesmaster, Spazitu, T73, jRabago

Server250, Excrobic, electropotato686, Rayman1046




Attack of the B-Team 1.0.9c(this listing) : bteam.4eg.in:25588

Tekkit 1.2.8e : tek.4eg.in:25599

Elemental Legends 2.2.1 : ele.4eg.in


More servers to come :phone:

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