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[1.0.10b] Milkdrinkers AOB PVP/Faction Server No Whitelist Grief/Raid Economy 23 SLOTS

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 Hello everyone I'd like to welcome you all to my new Attack of the B team  server !

 Our server is pretty good to say I havent experienced any lag now. I'd say 8/10 the max players is set to 23 now untill we get a better host (will be soon) come join our server and check out !


                                       Server information

- PVP: on

-Banned mods: None

-Banned items: Baned of Pigs(donator) -All dubstep guns are donator- Auto-Spawner - Safari Net (Reusable)

-Features disabled: Torando destruction

-Plugins: mcMMo,Clearlag,Payd2mine,Jobs,Essentials,Factions,Worldguard,Chestshop,Vault And many more

-Server difficulty: Medium

- Hidden treasure

-Lots of events

-Active forum

-Good server host

-Gamemode Survival




- Server ip


                               Server rules

Do not harass,threaten etc.

Do not hack, exploit, xray, duplicate etc

Do not not ejnoy the server

Be friendly towards all the players and staff

Please do not advertise/spam

Dont pretendlike staff

Please keep in mind its a raid/grief server so dont flame once you get raided

That's about it


                    Join by going on this ip

                     This is our site http://jsop-gaming.enjin.com

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I would like to report a rogue admin on the Milkdrink servers, To me he has deleted my faction, turned my faction into lava, placed random rockets everywhere, griefed spawn, and muted me. I have a screenshot of the conversation he had with me where he demanded that I donate or else...


Until this admin is removed from the server I suggest you find other servers to play on.

The admin name was "BasedGod" or that is what his title said, when you pushed tab you couldn't see the name in the list of people. When he private messaged me, he demanded for donations. He may or may not be connected with the money based off of donations.


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