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OniClan Gaming: Monsterous GregTech | Custom Monster 1.1.0 (1.6.4) | Greig Tech | 24/7 | Free Build | PvE | Anti-Grief | 3800+ Registered!

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This pack is based on FTB Monster v1.1.0 (with Some small customisations)
Difficulty: Elite, Good luck :)
Size: 10,000 from 0 Round

Simple Rules
- No Fighting, Keep chat clean, no PvP
- No Cheating, Exploiting or Hacking
- No Begging, Griefing or Stealing

OniTech runs on the latest version of Monster for Minecraft 1.6.4. OniTech is a truly enhanced modded SMP server you can play on for FREE. There is no PvP, Gravestones are enabled and GreigTech is enabled on hard. We have a simple user-friendly ranking system for regular members, trusted members and staff. In our time running we have learned to accommodate all kinds of play styles and devoted survivalists. Regardless of who you are and what you like, you will find people from all over the world logging in who share your kind of interests here at Onitech.

Important Info, Rules, Banned & Restricted Items
As like many other servers, we do our best to cut the fat to keep our server running and stable. We are using the FTB Monster pack on the 1.1.0 update. We do have some banned items and even more restricted items. Restricted items are available for trusted members and staff only. You can find a full list below.

Banned Items/Mods;
- Block Explosives (Nukes, TnT, iTnT(restricted not banned), Dynamite, etc.)
- Matter Cannons (Too OP)
- Crystal Chests (Laggy)
- Chunk Loaders & Spot Loaders (Unstable)
- World Anchors & Carts (Personal Anchors are restricted not banned)
- SPMAR Launcher (Unstable)
- QCraft (Unstable)
- Wand of Equal Trade (Too OP)

Restricted items;
- Mystcraft
- Gravity & Portal Gun
- Mining Laser
- Tunnel & Arcane Bore
- CC Turtles
- Block Breaker, Filler, Quarry & Land Mark
- Wrath Items
- Nuclear Reactor

Server Specs;
24/7 Dedicated Online, 20 Slots
Intel Xeon Quad Core (E3-1270 v2) 3.5 ghz
Datacenter Location: Chicago (IL), US
Hard-Drive Upgrade: + 220GB SSD
RAM : 32G DDR3
Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard


OCG Website:www.oniclangaming.com (Fast, Free and Easy to use. Powered by Enjin)

Oni Clan Gaming
We here at Oni Clan Gaming provide a 24/7 dedicated and enhanced, survival multi-player experience with a great community of behaved players and amazing staff that uphold fun, fair and free gaming policies. Whatever Minecraft interests you may have, you will be able to find them here, with others you can choose to enjoy them with, or not. It's all up to you how you live your SMP experience!

Who We're Looking For
We are looking for dedicated and active Minecraft players who can be mature and follow our rules. We have tons of regulars that play every so often, and dedicated fans that play everyday. All are welcome on our servers and if you ever have a problem you can contact Camtaro personally and he will return a message within one business day. We want to be the best server out there and we're looking for the best players to help make that happen. If you are looking for a permanent home to settle roots on, Oni Clan Gaming is the company for you.

Server Info
Feel free to test out any of our servers. They all work on a "Semi-Open" feature, meaning you can log into the servers, move around, test the latency, check out spawn, all without being registered. Getting registered online with our website will give you the ability to link your Minecraft character so you can start working your way to becoming a trusted member. If you are looking to go straight for the application page you can find it at http://www.oniclangaming.com/join. Make sure you visit our -rules page- so you don't break them and get banned. Though if you do, you can always make an appeal at our website.

Use the details below to get started:

Unofficial Installation instructions: http://goo.gl/nk6mf9

Technic Platform URL: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/onitech.422948
OniUltima Server IP: onitech.oniclangaming.com (The server IP)
Mumble IP: central1.voice.enjin.com:60645 (Free to use Voice Chat)
Website: http://www.oniclangaming.com/ (Free to use Website/Forums)
Server Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/camtaro (The owners Twitch Stream)

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