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[3.1.2]SlashCreations Return to the Past[PvP/PvE][20-25 Slots][GreyList/Hamachi][Essentials/CoreProtect]


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Hey guys! I'm new to these forums, and I'm thinking about making a server! Sadly, it'd have to be through hamachi, as I have little to no money..  Anyways, I wanted to see how many people would like to play?


Server IP: Disclosed atm, as Server being built and it's hamachi





No Griefing

No Raiding

No Hate

No Profanity (Racism, Sexism, etc)

No Drop Parties

No Asking for things

Don't ask for mod/op/admin

Don't ask for staff, just apply


Mods Removed



None at the moment.


Banned Items



None at the moment, but some will require rank to unlock.


Major Plugins








And Many More!





This is a server for all of the people wanting to get away from the many and advanced updates of minecraft! Come play and be free, enjoy the easiness of tekkit, and not having to worry about complex command block lines.. ;) I hope you guys enjoy!





24/7 (Unless some force of nature acts upon)





Since, I've had no one to play yet, I'm hoping for a community that is friendly, and gets along!


Details about WhiteList/GreyList



To join, requires hamachi and Whitelist application!




Age: (Just to help set more indepth rules if needed)

Time Zone: (Base them off of GMT.. ;))

Why do you want to join:


Server specs:


Ram: 2 GB

HDD: Well, as much as needed

CPU: Dual Core @2.4ghz




;) I've got that along with my brother (Not noob, enforces things when needed), and best friend (Same..) Neither one of them play around with the rules, they both know how to joke and all. ;) May look into accepting people later..



If you'd like any other info please let me know. ;)


I hope lots of people will play!

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