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Recommend version from January/February 2014 ?


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I have a Problem to run my "old" Tekkit Savegame from Jan/Feb 2014.

Today I want to play Tekkit after a break of a couple month. The Tekkit-Launcher asked me to update (1.2.8e) and I clicked YES. Then I tried to load my world and Minecraft says: "Forge Mod Loader has found ID mismatches......". The world wasnt able to load.

I tryed some older Versions of Tekkit but I have everytime "ID mismatches" and MC crashed or I get back to titlescreen.


Can somebody tell me which Tekkit-Version was in Jan/Feb 2014 recommend? The wiki ends with version 1.1.10. Newer version are not listed an I cant find the release dates.



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