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1.0.10b AotBT: Doc Evil [PVP/PVE] [Seeking 6 to 8 Souls]

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1.0.10b AotBT: Doc Evil [PVP/PVE] [24/7] [6 to 8 Lab Subjects for thoughtful Experimentation] 
Evil Doctor B. Zenetti is looking for volunteers who seek a small community-based server with a dash of roleplay. If you are a Minecraft Mom or Dad and desire quality funtime[TM] away from the kids you're welcome to apply. All others.. move along! There's nothing to see here.
Server Rules
2. Fun people only! 
6. Adults only! (You really don't want to play with us anyway. We're old!)
3. Pranks Allowed. Creativity encouraged!
1. PVP Allowed. Figure it out for yourselves. But remember.. No always means No.
7. All other normal server rules apply or we'll make them up as we go along.
Where were you in 1982?
Favorite 70's Rockband?
Server info will be PM'd to patients accepted into the program.
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