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25 slot nightcrawlers whitelisted no bad lag purge weeks(pvp no rules during week))

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were looking for mature dedicated people that can join the server nightcrawlers we have 25 slots available

not greylisted

banned items : gun powder,due to duping (buy guns at shopand other powder items) master staff and moprh because its pointless  with DNA you can use it to  fly and climb ect

no griefing or pvp but only on purge days every month for a week

must be kind to each other

no bullying

and to have fun


willing not to complain

server ip is []  so join up and play


plugins are:

1 kits

2golden shovel






or add me on skype at derange41

our goal in this server is to try to make the server grow with people who are willing to get along well

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