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[1.6.4]Craft2k[666 Slots][Towny][Drugs,Money,Booze]

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Join Us Today!
- PvP 24/7 No Lag
- Unique Economy And RolePlay Plugins!
- Grow And Sell Toke & Mush!
- Custom Npc's That Trade Money For Drugs Hidden Around The City!
- Drive Around On ATV's
- Guns , Booze , Money And Drugs Start A    Gang and Rule The World Today!
Some Of the Mods Included:
- Thermal Expansion
- Herblore
- Security Craft
- Applied Energistics
- Tinkers Construct
And Much More!
To Add this Pack Open up Your Technic Launcher and Choose Add New Pack Then Copy And Paste The Link Below And Click Add Pack Launch And Enjoy!
The Multiplayer Server Is PreIncluded In the Pack. 
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