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Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 - Dual Wielding

Adventure Backpack - Liquid and Lava backpacks

Ancient Warfare - Recruit-able Mercenaries

Animal Bikes - You can now ride animals

AOBTD - Better ore processing

Aquaculture - New fish to fry

Archimedes' Ships - Sail and fly anything you make

Armoma1997s Dimensional World - An entire dimension of land with resources

Artifice - New aesthetics and useful tools

Autm - An enitre dimension in the sands with high level items and armor

Better Records - New songs from quality mp3 files can now be played on Records

Better Sugarcane - Tools can now be made out of sugarcane

Better Title Screen - New modpack means new title screen!

Biomes O' Plenty - A variety of new biomes added to the world

Botiana - Magic from nature

Buildcraft - Pipes, Quarries, and more

Buildcraft Additions - Additional features that improve the Buildcraft experience

Cave Control - Controlling the density and variety of the source of your industry

Chest Transporter - Pick up and place down chests with items still inside

Chisel 2 - Cosmetic mod that allows you to chisel out designs

ChromatiCraft - Construct additional pylons to harness new buffs and powers

Compact Chests -  Carry chests in your inventory

ComputerCraft - Code your machines that will do everything for you while you do other things

Cosmetic Armor - Wear designs over your armor

Crafting Pillar mod - Craft with a simple right click instead of messily making it on a table

CritterPet - Tame wild animals and make them your house guests (or hunters)

Decocraft - Decorations and props

Dense ores - Concentrations of resources in one

Dimensional Pockets - Create dimensions inside of dimensions

Draconic Evolution - Dragons and dragon magic

EiraIRC - IRC and Twitch integration 

ElectriCraft - Transfer and store Roatarycraft Power

Enchanting Plus - Additional and customizable Enchants

Enchiridion - guides and useful resources for the mods

Enchiridion 2 - additional features for Enchiridion

EnderIO - Compact conduits

Enchanted Portals - Transport players, mobs, animals, items, fluids, and energy anywhere.

Expanded Redstone - Tools and machines to make Redstone more useful and powerful

ExtrabiomesXL - More realistic biomes for the world

ExtraTiC - Additional Tinker's construct features

Extra Utilities - Extra pipes and tools for machines and processors

Forestry - Bees, trees, and useful items

Funky Locomotion - Powerful pistons with a variety of extra features

Galacticraft - Travel to earth, mars, the moon! Build a space station, or live on a distant planet.

Gany's Nether - Grow Glowstone and other nether materials

Gany's Surface - New blocks and items for the surface world

Garden Stuff - Flowers and pots

Geo Strata - A variety of rocks for ground generation and decoration

Gizmos - A variety of useful TNTs

Glass Shards - Breaking glass now makes glass shards

Gravestone - Gravestones that spawn that villagers and player's death

Hide Names - Elect to show or hide your name

IguanaTinkerTwinks - Tool leveling, pickaxe boosting, tool part swapping, and mobheads

Inventory Tweaks - Automatic tool replace and sorting for your inventory

Luppii's Ladders - Ladders that can stand on their own and be automatically lowered 

LanteaCraft - Stargates

Little Maid Mob - Maids to do your bidding

Lootbags - Mobs drop bags of loot with a random assortment of items

Lycanite's Mobs Complete - Aggressive, tame-able, ride-able new mobs

Malasi's doors - New doors, trap doors, and fence gates

Marineculture - More marine life with diving gear and more

Minecraft Comes Alive - Villagers replaced with adoptable realistic NPCs

Mekanism - New ores, power generators, and processing methods

MeteorCraft - Meteors fall from the sky

Minefactor Reloaded - a numerous amount of tools and functions to automate tasks

MmmMmmMmmMmm - Test dummies

Moar Signs - More signs

Modular Systems - Multiblock furnaces and other machines

More Player Models - New models and model animations (Like wolves, dwarves, and more)

Mutant Creatures - very scary mobs that might or might not kill you

Not Enough Items - a better GUI for managing the vast amount of recipies and items

Open Computers - Programmable computers and robots to do your bidding

Open Modular Turrets - Turrets that can be placed to shoot down players and mobs

Pam's Harvestcraft - New crops, garden brushes, fish, and more

Pandora's Box - very scary boxes that, once opened, can cause benefits or destruction

Plant Mega Pack - More plants, foods, planers, and more

PneumaticCraft - Air pressure related functions with a very useful utility helmet, and drones to do your bidding

Progressive Automation - Low-tec automation machines for common tasks

Block Launcher - A weapon that shoots out blocks

Wall Painter - Gives the ability to paint blocks

Railcraft - An entire tec tree dedicated to rails and transport

ReactorCraft - Turbines, steam power and plasma reactors

Recurrent Complex - Randomized generated structures throughout the world

Redstone Paste - Redstone that can go on the side of walls and under half slabs

Refined Relocation - Logistic pipes that aid with the efficiency of ore and item processing

Reptilemod - Turtles, lizards, crocodiles, snakes, and more

RFTools - A number of tools that use Redstone Flux to transport you to another dimension

RotaryCraft - Engines that generate rotational power and torque

Solar Flux - 6 tiers of Solar Panels that run on Redstone Flux

Sophisticated Wolves - Smarter wolves

The Spice of Life - A huge variety of foods including a new food mechanic

Steamcraft 2 - A steampunk type mod that introduces a variety of steam technologies

Storage Drawers - Storage solutions for workshops

Super Crafting Frame - Another easy crafting utility that allows you to easily craft a preset recipe

Tails - a cosmetic mod that adds tails to the game

Talismans 2 - Talismans that can add a variety of buffs for benefits

Tinker's Construct - Allows putting tools together in a wide variety of ways

Thaumcraft - Draw magic from a variety of items to perform miracles

The Elysium - Another dimension with rich soil and overflowing energy

The Erebus - A dimension of arthropods

Thermal Expansion - Another powersystem, processors, and more

Translocator - A transolcator that can easily trasnport items from one place to another

Tubes - Another variety of tubes to transport items

Twilight Forest - Another dimension filled with large forests and creatures

Underground Biomes Construct - Underground biome generation with new blogs and decoration

Universal Electricity - Basic electricity for the use of other functions

Ye Gamol Chattels - An array of decorative blocks and aesthetics

 Ztones - More decorative and aesthetic blocks


Updated to 1.7.10!!!



Vote for the modpack, get cookies!

Hope to see you soon!

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