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[1.6.4]Pixelopia[PvE][100 slots][Pix-Pack]

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*** Server IP ***



*** Custom Technic Modpack 1.6.4 ***

Visit Pixelopia for instructions on how to install (scroll to bottom)


*** Forum, Teamspeak & Website Link ***

Main Portal: http://pixelopia.enjin.com/home


*** Technic Platform Page & Mod List ***



*** Rules ***

No Griefing.

Play nice and enjoy our server!


*** Description & About Us ***

Hello and thank-you for viewing our server page.

My names Dave (dmartin79) and I'm the admin on pixelopia.co.uk




We currently have 5 "old regular" players and wish to expand, hence this advert so it would be great

if you decide to come join us and we look forward to meeting you.



Pixelopia started out as a group of friends playing different minecraft mod packs, it has now grown

to a dedicated bungee server with its own modpack and we wish to invite new people to join us.

Were a mature gaming group who play everything from eve online, to wow but enjoy

"nerding" out with minecraft machines and magic!




The server uses Towny & LWC for protection and a in game currency $ isk, to purchase

Towns and plots and also items from the main shopping center. Currently players can

sell emeralds and diamonds to the server shop to get isk & also do a daily vote and grab

20 isk each day so you can easily cover the town running costs.

The server also has rogue like dungeons so there's plenty of chance to get a lot of diamonds & emeralds.




The server also has a "real money" shop selling items that help fund the running costs and

hopefully expansion in the near future with alternative worlds like skygrid, plotworld etc.




Please feel free to ask any questions here or the pixelopia forum and hope to see you soon o7

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