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(1.6.4) Sound of Violence (Survival / 24 slots / PvE | white-listed/private)

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Modpack info:
Our server is running the Sound of Violence modpack which can be found here:



The main feature of the pack is the terrain generation. We run Alternate Terrain Generation, Biomes O' Penty and Underground Biomes to create the most amazing landscapes you've ever seen in Minecraft. Mountains go up to 256, there are nice beaches, valleys, super vulcanos, large deserts and much more. Next to that we run a variety of magical and technical/industral packs to cater to every player, plus decoration mods such as Furniture mod and DecoCraft, now you can finally make the base of your dreams.


If you like the pack please considering leaving a +1.


Server info:

Our Minecraft server is hosted on a dedicated server 24/7 (Core i5, 16GB Ram) and is white-listed.


How to join:

Our server is private and white-listed. If you want to join the server you need to join our community by applying at www.soundofviolence.eu


- No griefing / stealing / cheating.
- Respect each other and leave each other enough room to build.
- No begging for items.
- If you want to use a chunk loader please ask first.
- Avoid constructions which cause extreme lag.
- Keep the terrain nice, replant trees, fix holes, don't build 1x1 towers etc
- If you have a big mining project please do it away from other people or landmarks, preferably underground.


How to install:
1) Download Technic launcher: http://www.technicpack.net/download
2) Place it on your desktop, start it up and login
3) Click on the gear icon in the top right and change memory to at least 2GB
4) On the left side find "add new pack" and click on it
5) Where it says "paste platform url here" input the following:

Now press 'add modpack' then press 'PLAY', open multiplayer after loading is done, and join the server.



If you have any questions feel free to ask in this topic.

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