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InceptiModded Attack Of The BTEAM Factions!

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Hello this is Tehzo from the staff at Inceptimodded! We have 3 servers to choose from at the moment with more coming one of them being InceptiModded on the Attack Of The BTeam Pack!! Im a Mod over here and can help you out and this server is open 24/7 and is a pretty small server and least popular out of the 3 which means you will have a chance to get all your resources before all the newbies come! We also just had a brand new world reset which makes it even for everyone so it is the best time to start! Its a really fun server with lots of cool people where you can form allys enemys and even Faction members or your own! Raid bases and all that good stuff!

The server website is http://incepticraft.enjin.com/ and the ip for the InceptiModded server is

Hope to see you over there!!!!

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