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Having a Bizarre Issue


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Here's a really weird issue that I'm having, and I'm not sure if it's just me. When I go into creative mode and go to the search menu, when I start typing in the word 'slab,' the game crashes as soon as I hit the 'a' key. It isn't a hard crash (there's no we're sorry, Minecraft crashed screen,) the internal server simply shuts down and the game closes itself. I haven't had this issue typing any other words, I have no idea what the game apparently has against slabs. Someone please test this and confirm whether or not it's just a problem on my end. This is in the latest version, 1.0.11a

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Hi DarkZebra,


Firstly version 1.0.11a is still in Beta Stage (Test Stage) which means not everything will be ok. There will be some bugs and problems you will encounter while playing. What I would recommend you is to try and play 1.0.10b as it's stable or continue playing on 1.0.11a if you don't want start over again.


Have you tried reinstalling the modpack? Try and backup your map and resource pack to make sure you don't lose your world. 

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