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Tekkit 1.2.8e Atomic Science Toxic Waste Issues


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I've been experimenting with the Atomic Science mod in a creative single player world.  I've got four Reactor Cells right next to each other in a block stacked very high on top of one another.  The bottom cells are of course surrounded by water, which goes to the steam funnels above them.  I then channel the steam with Fluiducts to Electric Turbines.  I have wooden fluid pipes hooked up to the bottoms of the cells with redstone engines to pump the toxic waste out into tanks(also stacked very high, 8 stacks).  


I made a backup of my world before I started the cells so in case something went wrong, I wouldn't have to rebuild everything.  However, after about 15 minutes of running all four stacks of Reactor Cells, the toxic waste overflows, even though the meter says it's empty.  The waste appears to not be overflowing from the bottom cell, but from the ones above it.


Could someone help me figure out what's going wrong?  It would be greatly appreciated!


PS:  The coordinates of my powerplant are 


X: 374

Y: 123

Z: -1073


My world: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qa1d7s65a0amo6b/Creative%20WOrld.zip

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Well, I managed to figure out that even though the cells are stacked on top of each other to form one giant cell, you still need to pump out of each individual cell...  I destroyed all the cells except for the bottom ones and the problem went away.

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