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[1.6.4] Techrosis' Hard Pack

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This is a survival/adventure pack that's designed with difficulty in mind.  It's based heavily on Iguana Tweaks Tinker's Construct.  Normal tool crafting is blocked as you must create all tools and weapons using Tinker's Construct.  However, these weapons LEVEL UP as you use them to gain strength and new abilities.  Also, the materials they are made from can be swapped out and upgraded.  Instructions on getting start on in a link from the modpack page. What's even better is I've also included Metallurgy 3 materials.  This way some crazy cool gear can be made.  Also, we are using Iguana's Hunger overhaul so make sure you eat properly!!!  And just to spice things up even more all Teleporting/Warping is disabled.  But don't fear as we have Subaraki's Gravestone mod to help with the corpse runs :)  Also, PVP will be enabled, however we will still use the GriefPrevention plugin to keep the griefers in check.  This is geared up to be a truely challenging survival pack.  Enjoy!

One other thing to note about all my packs is that I strive to make sure things are balanced as far as tools, weapons, mobs, etc.  There are FAR too many packs out there where people just throw a bunch of mods together and call it a "pack".  I modify lots of configs to try to achieve some sort of balance and one of the huge things is spawns.  I think you will find that there are a nice mix of spawns in this pack.  If anyone has any suggestions feel free to leave a message in the modpack discussion area or here on the forum.  Thanks for downloading and have fun!


Lots more information such as the mods included and Grief Preventer instructions are on the modpack page.  Thanks for taking a look and hopefully we'll see you on the server!


Link to Launcher modpack page:  http://www.technicpa...ard-pack.345975

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