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AoBT Server [1.0.10b] looking for casual, mature players. [No Major Plugins] [No banned mods]

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OxUnite is a small white-listed server of mature adults, who play the game casually for fun. We’re looking to add a few like-minded individuals to the fold.
As we are all mature (?) adults, we require new players to be at least 21. We have nothing against younger people, but would have little in common with persons much  younger than ourselves. We have jobs, spouses, and children, and so would have the most in common with people who share those traits.
We do voice-chat (in English) from time to time, so this might not be the best place for the super-shy, or for persons who struggle greatly with spoken English.  Also, all current players are in North American time-zones (GMT -5, to GMT -8). The server is most active in the Evenings, and on weekends.
The focus is PVE, with occasional PVP tournaments or minigames. We have a few PVP arenas available.
No mods are currently banned, although morphing is restricted to persons winning one of our PVP tournaments.
We have absolutely no tolerance for bigotry of any sort, or overtly obnoxious behavior. Once we know you a little better, we will happily embrace joking and mild pranking, so long as your behavior is neither mean-spirited nor offensive.
Please contact me directly if you’re interested: [email protected]
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