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Looking for 3-4 people to play some tekkit classic

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 Hi, since school has gotten out I have been incredibly bored. I start my summer job in a few weeks but without it, I have nothing to occupy myself with. I would like to play some tekkit classic with some people. We can go into a non pvp tekkit server and find a spot and start a small village. We can help each other, and work on making the village better while focusing on our own projects.  Looking for mature players who somewhat know what they're doing. 16 year old and up. Must speak english obviously. Add me on skype at lightair101 or reply to the thread if this sounds like something you would be interested in being a part of. 

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i was looking for a EE-Tools patch for my server and landed at your post. :)

i have recently opened tekkit classic server and its quiet one. mostly its free open server. come and try.

IP: play.jsftekkit.com

WEB: www.jsftekkit.com

Its run by a Tekkit Classic fanatic family, a dad and 2 sons.. I am dad.. :)

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