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Assassin Mod


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So I have an idea for a mod, it will be like Assassin's Creed, but with guns and everything else.





Weapons. Weapons will be the main part of the mod! You need them to hunt down your target and kill them.


Contracts. Contracts would be the people who you have to kill, which can be the President, a criminal, or maybe just a villager.


Towns. Towns will also be the main part of the mod. They will include lots of people, and will maybe even have special things in them, the houses will be made of something else then wood.


NPC Assassins. NPC Assassins will be out there to kill you or others, so you might want to take them out if they're acting suspicious around you or your target.


Crime. Crime is pretty obvious, you become wanted for doing illegal things or you can find out who is a criminal and get them.


And last but not least, Police. The police will try and find you if a crime you did is witnessed by someone, they also spawn with a baton and a Pistol, there will also be higher rank policemen with better weapons, SWAT and the army.




So who thinks this is a good idea?

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