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*Lataria TC* McMMO|Mob Arena|Player Market|Towny|and more!


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At Lataria TC we run a three monthly rotating competition where players work to become the biggest and best at something and win Steam vouchers!
Current most Popular award
Be the Richest - £10 Steam Voucher
Make the largest town, biggest nation, largest hoard or RM and more, they all payout.
Server Details
Lataria Website
Steam Competition Details
Other Features
PvP On! Anarchy! (not many rules) MCJobs! McMMO! ChestShops! Towny! LWC and tons more!
Not much is banned, there are no ranks meaning its fair for all, old and new, you don't need to gain ranks to unlock more stuff, you get it all at the start. We do have a shop where you can buy stuff cheap to get a head start, or vote and gain shop points and get the shop items for FREE!
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