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[1.6.4][Infinty Craft][PvP or PvE][5][Infinx]

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What's up guys, I had an extra PC lying around and thought I'd put it to good use and run a server. It can handle ~6-8 comfortably so it would be a fairly private server with a handful of fun people.



     Infinx     -     http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/radioactive-project-bionix.53041

     Contains pretty much every major mod from IC2+Gregtech to ArsMagica+Thaumcraft to ICBM+Flans

     The technic link also has another link to a custom Sphax Add-on



     Common Sense:

     Since the server will only have a few people, I'm not implementing any server add-ons or block restrictions, I trust that you will use common sense and respect the rules that we agree upon. Before I start the server I planned on getting together to discuss such rules such as PvE or PvP, ore generation, any configs that need changing, and if there are any unused mods that we can remove from the pack in order to decrease client-side loading time, etc.


    Also, I am requiring that the people on the server be reasonably active, i.e., not playing after a week



     I had planned on using Hamachi, however I am aware that it can be problematic, and if anyone had any other methods I am open to them


How to join:

    Add me on Steam (halo6676) or Skype (the9thseat) and PM if this sounds like your kind of unrestricted fun!


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