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[1.0.12a]AOBTMC.COM SERVER [PVP/Factions/Raiding][35 SLOTS][OPEN][Free2Play]

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Server Address: or play.aobtmc.com

Website: aobtmc.com



AOBTMC.COM is a laid back server of 35 Slots where everyone is encouraged to have fun. The Staff works hard to provide a simple and fun way to play. The website is home to a forum that we are building into an active and helpful forum, rich with information about the B-Team modpack and the available server plugins. Our Mods and Helpers are friendly and helpful in getting even a beginner into B-Team. Our Admins and Owner work hard to make sure the server runs as smoothly as possible. Come Join us for a great time with random server events as well as prizes for our small events. Our Donators receive access to small additional perks and a special VIP rank.




Rules: We run the server in a very hands off manner so that our players can play with almost no interruption. Our Main Rules are as follows:


  • Protect your land with factions
  • Be careful who you trust
  • Don't ask staff for items
  • Don't complain about lag
  • Don't ask for a staff position
  • Complaining/Questioning about Banned Items
  • NO Hateful Speech
  • Have Fun

These rules can be found in more detail on our site.


Plugins: These are the plugins that are functional on the server I will add more plugins which will make the server more interesting

  • Essentials
  • Factions
  • ChestBank
  • ChestShop
  • Jukeloop
  • Multiworlds
  • Worldguard
  • ...and many more


Server Location/Specs:

Currently running server off a dedicated 24/7. E3-1230v3 with 16GB RAM


Allocated 10GB for minecraft and will increase slots and memory if necessary. Server is Based in New York



Intensively reconfigured java options and coding to give maximum performance

More updates to come

Banned some items which was causing server to crash


Feel free to ask questions in the thread 

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Im just launching attack of the b team, hoping not to lag nuke, hoping server is up



Server is always up, and not laggy since i am using really good server hardware and not from these crappy server hosts :P

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