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Server Name: TranceCraft
Max Players: 90
1. Be nice to others.
2. Don't swear excessively or you will be kicked.
3. Don't ask for items from a Staff Member.
4. Don't ask to be a staff. 
5. Just have fun.

Current Staff: Me(Nanoame13) and D34Dskill
Staff Application (If recruiting): Not ATM
Ranks: Default(When you first join), Member(Join server website), Donator, VIP, Superior, Promoter, Youtuber(Must have 200 subs)
Plugins: Towny, Essentials, LWC, iConomy, iConomy ChestShop, PermissionsEX
Short Description: New Server looking for players to have fun on a lag free Tekkit server. We have towny to allow you to protect your goods that you find in the world of minecraft.

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