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Server Microblocks Error


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Whenever I try to join an Attack of the B-Team server, I see an error saying:

The following microblocks are not installed on this client: tile.bop.generic.dried_dirt, tile.bop.generic.dried_dirt_161_0,

tile.bop.generic.hard_dirt, tile.bop.generic.hard_dirt_168_0, tile.bop.generic.hard_ice, tile.bop.generic.hard_ice_165_0,

                     tile.bop.generic.holy_dirt, tile.bop.generic.holy_dirt_248_0, tile.bop.generic.mud_brick,



I am sure that I am on the same version as the server (1.0.10b). I have a 64bit computer with 64bit Java installed. I can play singleplayer without any problems. The servers I'm trying to join aren't mine and include servers like Keralis' server. I am able to join servers if I play other modpacks like Agrarian Skies in servers. This error only occurs when I'm using AOTB or the Crackpack. Thanks!


Yes I wrote the code by hand o_o

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