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Trying to solve an issue with a particular block


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so i've got a report in on it, im having a weird issue with the machinist's workbench where if theres any item in the crafting GUI it will crash minecraft while im looking at it. so aside from being able to use a machinists workbench properly i can play the game as normal.


i've had a pretty good amount of help trying to solve it but i was wondering a couple of things that maybe someone would know:


does the machinists workbench save its own info in a seprate file from the .technic folder? including any temp directories

if so where is it


and does the Technic launcher make files elsewhere from the .technic folder?


my theory is that if it does then this could be the cause. if the files are corrupt it could be interfering with how its working.


so far basic solutions have failed me and the problem seems to be isolated to me with similar issues existing in a similar manner.


any ideas or help is welcome in the matter


heres the original Report: http://forums.technicpack.net/tracker/issue-2517-machinists-workbench-crashs-game/


edit: slight update. seems the workbench works fine when i run the same map and player through a local server on the same computer and join it that way.

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