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[1.6.4][FRESH!!]No Handz [50][Lite PVP][Towny][24/7][OPEN][Gregtech][Hardcore]

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Server IP:


Technick pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/modpackdosbrother.378105






As you can see we have a shop on your server where you can buy/sell stuff.

Here is where you will make some money to start up your town by selling Gold/Silver and some other rare ores. We also sell some stuff to the players like quarry and tesseracts (with in game currency, those items are also craftable), as you may/not know, GregTech Mod make the recipes a quite bit hard, so we thought it would be a great idea to put some of those items for sell on our shop.

List of items you can sell to the shop:

- Gold ore: $ 40,00 /u

- Silver ore: $ 20,00 /u

- Diamond: $ 60,00 /u

- Emerald: $ 80,00 /u


Our minecraft server is a simple small server.

We're a group of friends that has been playing together for over 10 years, we got together and decided to create a custom modpack based on the servers/modpacks (like Tekkit Lite and others) that we've been through over the years and open it for the public.

We run the server on a dedicated machine.

Obs: The server is in the difficulty 3 (max), so be careful, zombies and hunger will kill you.


  • Lite griefing (stealing is allowed).
  • No spamming or excessive caps.
  • Noexcessive swearing.
  • No advertising.
  • No transparent texture packs (like x-ray).
  • No exploiting, abusing of bugs.

We may add some more rules along the way.



  • - TreeCapitator
  • - AM2
  • - InfernalMobs
  • - Chicken Core;
  • - CoFH Framework;
  • - Immibis Core;
  • - NotEnoughItems
  • - Power Crystals;
  • - bspkrsCore
  • - Rei minimap
  • - Buildcraft
  • - Thermal Expansion
  • - Industrial Craft 2
  • - Industrial Craft 2 Advanced Machines
  • - MineFactory Reloaded
  • - Applied Energistics
  • - Bibliocraft
  • - Natura
  • - Biomes O'Plenty
  • - Forestry
  • - Binnie Core;
  • - Computer Craft
  • - Flat Bedrock
  • - Railcraft
  • - GregTech Addon
  • - Nuclear Control
  • - Iron Chest
  • - Magic Bees
  • - Nether Ores
  • - Power Converters
  • - Inventory Tweeks


  • Mining laser
  • World anchors
  • Crystal chest
  • Nuke
  • Personal safe
  • Block breaker
  • CC Turtles

There will probably be more items to be banned.


  • /spawn (you can use it every 30 minutes)
  • /sethome (to set your home)
  • /home (to teleport to your home, it shares cooldown with the spawn teleport)
  • /money (to check you bank account)
  • /msg "player" (to send a private msg to someone)


  • /t new (to create a town, costs 5000)
  • /t leave (to leave a town)
  • /t add player ( to add someone to you town)
  • /t claim (to claim more land for your town, costs 50 each time you use it)
  • /t delete (to delete your town)
  • /towny ? (for towny help)

You can find a more detailed list of towny commands here:


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There is so many recipe bug to resolve: all the item of the ars magica and the iron and gold pickaxe are bugged... you have to fix the id conflict of the mod


The recipes are working just fine, gregtech makes them harder, you should take a look at some gregtech tutorials. I also tested all the mods before oppening the server to the public and at the time i didn't find any id conflicts with AM2, can you tell me which item is bugging out?

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