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Sorting Machine Issues

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I'm having problems with a sorting machine not working properly. Whenever it tries to suck an item out of a chest or a buffer the pulse from the timer stops pulsing and it looks like its constantly 'on'. I take out the machine and the item it previously took out is stuck in the machine itself. Ive tried using different modes on the machine itself but none seem to fix the problem. I've tried different items vanilla or mod based and the same problem occurs. I don't know how to fix the problem and I would appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this issue. 


If it helps, I have it hooked up to a set of teleporter pipes from my old house to my new one and I was able to empty out a chest of metal ingots earlier. If screenshots are needed I will take some.


Edit: Its doing this with the transposers as well that I try out, the item they suck out gets stuck in the machine and the machine still stays 'on' without pulsing.

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