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COFH custom ore generation question


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Hello, I have been playing Tekkit for some time now, and have always enjoyed it. A while ago, before I dropped minecraft for a little bit, I was able to go into the config section of the tekkit modpack and go into the COFH core and world-gen config and change the spawn rates of the ores, including dirt and gravel (which I loved very much). However, after coming back to tekkit after that break, I have found that what I did before no longer works for COFH and the custom ore generation aspect. In fact, no matter what I happen to change, it just has default ore gen. I changed the Thermal Expansion spawn rates, no luck. Changed the default and normal spawn rates in COFH (still no avail) and then I went and tried to change the ore gen in the custom ore gen part of COFH to no luck either. Is it just me or is COFH no longer working? I would like to change the spawn rates of the ores and dirt and gravel (the latter 2 are the most annoying for me to have in my worlds) and any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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