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[Problem] I can't login to the server


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Hey all! Since the new update I haven't been able to play on the tekkit server :(

It says the following : Forge Mod Loader could not connect to this server. The mods and versions listed below could not be found. They are required to play on this server:


Galacticraft : 2.0.13

ThermalExpansion :

BigReactors : 0.3.3A

GalacticraftMars : 2.0.13 


I think I have to update my tekkit, but I have no idea how

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The client and server version must be exactly the same to avoid problems. You need to update/downgrade the server or the client to match versions. In your case the client needs updating. Try the cog wheel under the tekkit logo on the launcher.


Remember to backup your singleplayer worlds if any exists.

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