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Attempt to send packet to all in dimension


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I have been unable to log into any Attack of the B Team server for about a week now. It started, at first, with choppy gameplay. After checking the forums, I upgraded my Java using the link here on the site to the latest 64 bit version. ( Since my version of Windows is 64 bit.) I took the default settings in the Technic launcher, 1 gb, and tried to login.


It connects to the server just fine. The connecting text goes away, leaving the brown dirt screen for a bit, then dumps me back to the launcher.


Endeavoring to persevere, again I return to the forums, learn about reading logs.  


It seems to go just fine until it starts spewing "[FINE] [ForgeModLoader] Attempt to send a packet to all in a dimension without a server instance available." Which it does until it runs out of memory.




Any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,




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