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[1.6.4] InceptiModded - UltraModdedSurvival Modpack! ~ PvE ~ 50 Slots ~ No Whitelist ~ Team Speak ~ Fresh Map ~ Grief Prevention

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Here over at Incepticraft we strive to offer a wide variety of servers to attract a bigger audience of players. We have been around for exactly 1 year and 7 months! We currently run 2 servers which are a pixelmon server and this server which is a Ultra modded survival server. In the coming week we will be opening 2 more servers to our community as well!


To join the Ultra Modded Survival server you do NOT need to apply for whitelist as I am trusting you the community not to be rude and grief although there is grief prevention.

There are simple rules to follow which are outlined when you login to the server. The spawn is currently only a little room with the main boards and eventually will be populated with mini games and stuff like that.


We have quite a few plugins which help us staff do our jobs easier and for your entertainment as well.

They are;


World Border

World Edit

World Guard

Grief Prevention

Chest Shop



Few more, but no need to list.


We have a main website, which is: www.incepticraft.net.


If you wish to connect to this server please download the pack from here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/ultra-modded-survival-pack.266012

And then use this IP:


If you have any questions or suggestions i would love to hear them! 

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