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MJ disappearing in the system.


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My setup:


1 Hobbyist's Steam Engine with plenty of water and steam.

1 Wooden Kinesis pipe

4 Stone Kinesis pipe

  • Rolling Machine
  • Carpenter
  • Centrifuge
  • Squeezer

My problem:

Even when only the Wooden Kinesis pipe is connected to the engine, every ~1 second a few 10s of MJs is subtracted from the total. Adding more machines seems to aggravate the problem. The Carpenter and Rolling machine get power, but so much energy is subtracted in those few pipes and machines that the squeezer and centrifuge never get ANY power whatsoever.



Is this normal behaviour, is it a bug, or is it stupidity on my part?

I could not find documentation on this behaviour, the buildcraft wiki never mentions energy dissapearing periodically from the system.



I now have an Industrial Steam Engine running with 40mB of steam/t for 8MJ/t and it has the same problem, though now the centrifuge (last in the row) is able to function, but barely.


EDIT2: When I manage to get a machine filled with MJ the effect diminishes for some reason. Are the machines outputting MJ in an attempt to share power, and is the power lost in rounding?

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