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Trying to Make a Server

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Ok so I downloaded the server stuff courtesy of http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit-classic. I did all the usual stuff when I make a server port-forwarding wise (I've port-forwarded for servers on other games). I opened the 25565 port because that's Minecraft's one so why not, and there were no things already assigned to it.


But the problem came when I went to the server properties thing. When I used to use Hamachi for servers (in fact I made a Tekkit Classic one with Hamachi awhile back; deleted all the files for it though), for "server IP" I always put the one that comes up when you search for your IP in Google. IP address. The port I kept as 25565. Running the server gives me the "FAILED TO BIND TO PORT" error. I thought that was odd, considering there is nothing else running on that port. I've checked everything via Task Manager and I've restated to computer to clear everything.


But that's just one of my problems. I was looking around and I saw that people are putting their internal IP in the "server ip" part of the server properties, and giving their friends the other one (mentioned above, when you search for your IP on Google, I forgot which one that's called.). So I did that, and it works for me, but not for my friends. But I'm not using localhost to connect, I'm putting in that IP that you find by searching on Google (maybe it's called local IP?). So if I'm using that IP and it works for me, then it should work for others, eh?


If anyone can help with this problem (I'm probably being stupid) please do, and if you need further clarification, I'll do so.





Also this is my first post on the forum, so I don't even know if this is the right place to put it.

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