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Cow milk farm help

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Okay, so I have been doing everything all day trying to get this to work. Pissing me the hell off. First let's see some screenshots of the setup so you can get an understanding.







Okay, so we have a condensor, that is making empty buckets, they get sucked out of the chest as fast as possible with a filter then inserted into an array of deployers, deployed then sucked out on a timer of currently 5 seconds ( to give enough time for every deployer to get atleast one bucket) then pulled out back into the condensor , repeat, this creates like 200EMC per bucket. First of all, we aren't trying to become EMC gods, this was just a fun idea to milk the fuck out of cows, we are evil. Anyway, apparently any BuildCraft pipe acts as a redstone signal to the deployers and filters, placing any of the pipes will always activate meaning the timers and that won't work, it won't do it's job since it's a current redstone signal...
I need a way to maximize our gain out of this, the main thing is to get the buckets from the condensor to the deployers asap, pneumatic tubes just arent doing it fast enough.

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