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1.6.4 Private server ( Looking for 2-6 players)

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Me and my friends are looking to play with some people on lgm modpack, on a older version due to mekanism not working properly on the newest one. We wanna play with more player because it'll be funnier ( not massive amount of people to keep it friendly), just to hang out and have fun. If you're interested playing with us, submit an application. Prefer to hae a mic and at least 15 and act mature.



How i can contact you :

Do you have a mic? : 

How long have you been playing minecraft ? :

What mod or modpack you are used to :

See ya in game !!

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Hi ConNFuuZeD,


Here is my application :)


IGN: Quartux

Age: 18

How can you contact me: The easiest method would be to message me on skype ([email protected]) or steam (quartux)

Do I have a mic: My mic is currently very temperamental and as such I cannot talk but I have had success in communicating by listening and using instant messaging / in game chat.

How long have I been playing: For about 18-20 months


Thankyou for reading my application, If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me through the methods indicated above.

What Mod/Modpack am I used to: I have experience playing with various modpacks including: voltz, Tekkit and Tekkit classic but I am also a quick learner and enjoy experimenting with new mods

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