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  • Hello my Username is Muffins_AH (my game name) and my NEI is not working and i have pressed O in my inv. and still cannot see it, and also in the options my NEI is enabled and when i do press O all i see is the options for NEI. i need to know how to fix this and if anyone else have experienced this problem. thankyou. :D i really need help with this so if anyone can tell me how to fix this i would be so happy, because this problem is really irritating.
  • another problem i have is when i look at a plant is goes away, so its hard for me to collect them and see them. i also need to know how to fix this.
  • Problem! my game does not crash but it says "game has run out of memory" and it crashe's! is there a way to fix this??
  • sorry if you think im spamming problems, but the these are the main problems so if someone can please check out this post that would help alot, i really want to know how to fix these problems. thanks!! :D
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