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LF Server - Little if any banned items/mods


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I'm looking for a server with not many banned items, specifically looking for ComputerCraft and NuclearReactors to be enabled, and not restricted by rank. Looking for someone that wants to work together and build a large house, get electricity going, and work towards a mass fab and quantum armor (note, not huge rush, I want to enjoy the experience at the same time)


Let me know what info you need to know about me. I'm 28, used to operate a server and generally enjoyed it, but it got a little over whelming and not fun having to make sure everyone else was having fun (couldn't enjoy myself playing the game :/)

Not necessarily looking for just a single person, possibly 2, 3, 6 people, I don't care, just anyone that wants to work together.


Skype name is zgreenside, PM me there for quickest results.

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