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You may not be alone


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This is my first modpack. It is a remake of Silverwolf77's "The you're not alone pack". The point of the pack is to add more fun to singleplayer (multiplayer compatible) without lagging a computer to death. This pack worked smoothly on a 300$ desktop computer so I'm assuming it'll go to the speed of light on someone else's gaming PC.


Here is the link to my pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/you-may-not-be-alone.397135


Note: The pack may go down from to time due to a problem over at dropbox. I may also make a mistake in giving the modpack url to technic a few times and resulting in an error unzipping the pack. 


Note 2: The list of mods will come soon, although some honorable mentions would be mo creatures, thaumcraft, portalgun, twilight forest, magical crops, and flans modern weapons.


I hope my last update cleared up some problems with the download error so enjoy,


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