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RitzCraft NEW TekkitLite server, WHITELIST


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Hello, I have recently made a tekkit lite whitelist server, I'm looking for a small community of about 10 or 15 people

Please send me your application in Skype, or email me at [email protected]

My skype is killerschickens

Your application should look like this



Why do you want to join?

In your opinion, what kind of person are you?

Write something about yourself


at the end of you application, write "read" so I know I'm not wasting my time

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IGN: FonAlkanaft
Age: 17
Why do you want to join? I want to play on a private server
In your opinion, what kind of person are you? I'm good, I will abide by all rules of the server!
Write something about yourself I'm from Russia, Moscow! I like to play on private servers!

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AGE: 17


WHY: I feel that I would be a good help to the server and the players on it. I have been looking for a small server like this for a long time now and it looks like I finally found it, Although I feel that I would be a great help I am usually off on my own doing my own thing and enjoying a tekkit playthrough.


KIND OF PERSON:  I am a 100% non griefer and only look to help people not steal from them.


SOMETHING ABOUT ME: I've been playing tekkit on and off for about 5 years and have been playing since there was only tekkit classic, I know a lot about the mods that are in this mod pack, as well as knowing the mods I am an avid builder and not only make machines but build nice structures to go with them.





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IGN: Lemonpretzal

Age: 19

Why I want to join: I've played tekkit lite on single player too long, and want to play with a small group, to share the fun.

Something About me: I'm a veteran tekkit lite player, and have been playing MC since early beta.  I've played on several servers, and have been a big contributor on each.  However, sadly each server I've played on couldn't sustain itself and ended with a shutdown.  I want to play on a server where my services can be appreciated, and I won't have to wander the wilds of Minecraftia alone.  To date, I've been Admin of 1 server, temporary member of another 2, and played for an extensive time on at least 3 24/7 severs.  In addition, I've played on at least 5 other non 24/7 servers (co-op survival with friends on varying modpacks). 



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Age- 27

Why i wish to join? I like small servers and am new to tekkit lite and wish to learn on a smaller server with players i can get to know.

In My Opinion i am a friendly, honest and A fun steve to play with.

About me....I am new to tekkit lite but not MC. I have no issues following rules or working as a group for a common goal without negitive input(just luv to play). i have a skype but no mic atm and only use skype on my phone. I didnt Ace Grammer class as one could tell. Last thing id like to say, give me a chance and youll see what im about.

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IGN: mnaz
Age: 16
Why do you want to join? I want to join a small, private community.
In your opinion, what kind of person are you? I am a generally nice person but what you do to me I will do back.


I have been playing Minecraft for 5 years now, I have been playing Tekkit for 2 years. I am a very active person in Minecraft. I used to be on a competitive building team on Keralis' server, I have even won some money for my creations.



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Cause i wanna play with legit people


I'm the kinda person that like to help other people and hang with new people and like to help with anyone.


I want to join this server cause i want to play with people that i can get to know and i just like to build :P



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