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[box puzzle park escape survival] Doorstep of Tartarus


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Doorstep of Tartarus

History / lore :

your character(s) awaken to the rank stench of mold, sulphur and ammonia, enclosed in an impregnable room. No memory of arrival, no memory of anything but the freedom you enjoyed before.. As you get up from the floor, a tingling sensation reverberates in the back of your skull and a voice not quite audible but rather felt inside your mind speaks to you, and your attention catches onto the source ; a series of signs make fantastic claims of magical properties, and urge you to find your way out. The way before you is laden with both opportunities and dangers alike, you feel it in the atmosphere that emanates from the thick walls. This place is unlike any you've visited before, it's not a place for mortals to endure. The only thing you know for certain, and knew before the sign was noticed by you, is that you have to get out.

This is your journey, your adversity, your adventure. The only other sign of human life is the occasional encounters with a man mysteriously trapped like you, but not within the confines of the walls and rooms, but rather inside the walls themselves - how he got there, and what his true motives are you do not know, is he connected to the signs?

Will you step across the boundary between life and death?

Will you master the skills nescessary to proceed and elope?

Will you get out?


Previews :

Note: If you watch the video series(linked below) from Nearbygamer and Deadman775 who were the exclusive playtesters for the early stages of this map's development, be warned that it is a grave mistake to think that what you see in their videos is the final setup, it is not!

More than a dozen challenges have been added since, many secrets have been moved and added, the main path of the adventure redirected and altered in several key places, so the playthroughs are not to be considered as a guide through the map, but rather as a taste of what's in store for you!

Videos :

Playtesting by Nearbygamer

Playtesting by Deadman775

Lots of laughs to be had watching both playlists, and even a little semi-drama :P

Screenshots :


A cozy and tiny spawn room of bedrock.. who could wish for more?


Good thing you're here to clean up now, yuck!


I have no idea who those two are, i took a picture of a wall... ghosts, spirits, herobrine's cousins?


That's a big hole.. i guess that's where my money went.. perhaps i should jump down and look for it?


Rules :

Rule 1 : don't destroy/circumvent reinforced doors (or door lock mechanisms, the piping near the reinforced doors.. Also don't circumvent them by using levers, buttons, pressure plates or other redstone triggers than the piping systems)

Rule 2 : count your achievements and bonus points throughout your play, a notepad can be handy.

Rule 3 : enjoy!

Scoring: Each sign noted with the minecraftian classic "achievement get" is worth 1 point, some challenges have additional bonuses and penalties also noted on signs, so keeping a notepad for scores can come in helpful. In addition to this, if you accidentally destroy a sign before reading it, i would consider that an achievement lost since you didn't see that the sign was actually an achievement and not something else, but you are your own judge. The scoreboard can be found in the house of eternal rewards after stage 3 has been completed.


Downloading and installing:

The map is available in one version so far; The full version coop map, heavily reworked since playtesting. Hopefully i'll be able to figure out how to either convert the SMP map to SSP, or figure out which config changes need to be made in SSP technic 6 to make it work for those who're crazy enough to want to solo this map o.0


Full version (2p coop recommended) :


Playtest version (2p coop recommended) :

Request link by PM if you want this version for some reason.

Singleplayer version (1p and performance-enhancing drugs recommended) :

here's where the SSP link will be if possible


1. Open your Tekkit server software install folder

2. Open the downloaded Zip-file with the map

3. Extract the folders "World" "World_nether" and "World_the_end" into the tekkit server software folder


Notes on using Tekkit Via LAN/WAN:

Tekkit is the multiplayer(SMP) version of the Technic Pack(SSP). When you install the server software and launch it with the map, you should be able to connect immediately via LAN-network(local) by typing in the LAN-IP of the computer running the server into the connecting clients.

Via WAN(internet) you may likely find yourself using a router and firewall - for others to connect to your local server via the internet you would then need to make an exception for the Tekkit software through your firewall, and open up the relevant ports for Minecraft in your router. The connecting players type your WAN-IP into their clients to connect and play.

I'm not going to write a near-infinite guide for all possible combinations of software and hardware setups, or guides for all the problems that can arise. My best advice is to fervently make use of Google to clarify and seek help yourself - try typing in "What is my LAN IP?" "What is my WAN IP?" or "portforwarding minecraft <router brand name>" and other such search terms, to figure it out.


Known Issues :

Only a few issues have become apparent so far, if you find a problem that's not already listed here, please post here about it, include screenshots/video or error logs if possible to help checking for solutions. This section will be updated as much as is needed.

SMP issues:

In SMP, the wooden axe is by default used for WorldEdit when you are opped on the server, you can disable it manually or just avoid using the wooden axe when playing the SMP version.

The mechanisms for trading with the man trapped in the wall are made so that you have to be a little slow about inputting items, they're outfitted with noteblocks for signalling when an input is registered, so dont just spam stuff inthere, it'll still belong to the trader, but he wont count it towards the trade when you go too fast!

Things are never as they seem.. this isn't a technical issue as much as a human one - when you play this map cooperatively, you may at times fear hidden traps and devious devices of death, and think that those were placed there by us, the mapmakers, to kill you, because we like to do that.

This is simply not true.. it was your partner who set it all up to look that way, we swear, you can't trust that good-for-nothing *bleep*!


Credits, notes from authors, legal mumbojumbo :

Main credits are due to Mojang for creating and updating Minecraft!


Credits go out to the creators of all the wonderful mods included in the Technic pack (Tekkit), they add to infinity just that little something that makes it perfect!



Credits also to the organizers behind the Technic pack (Tekkit)


And final credits go to Nearbygamer and Deadman775 for epic playtesting & feedback



From the authors:

Map by Tascha & GronTheMighty

AKA Jacyna and zoneslash (IGN)

We have no intentions of making additional changes the past initial playtesting phase which has now ended with the release of this evil into the world, other than to fix critical bugs/mistakes, but we value your enjoyment of the map as our primary motivation, and may create more in the future if opportunity and popularity permits.. so if you've played and liked it, share it with your friends, show it to your peers, but remember to not reveal all of the secrets right away - after all a secret is more fun to discover than to have unveiled ;)

Let us know what parts you liked and hated the most, and more importantly tell us why!

Redistribution & freedom of usage:

You may edit the map, redistribute both original and your own edited versions freely, you may re-use parts of it in any way shape or form you want. We prefer that you credit us as the original creators when redistributing the map, or edited versions of it, but we really don't care if you credit us for just using parts of it.

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I've been spending some time today looking at converting this map to be compatible with Technic 6 for SSP..

however, it's not as straight-forward as i'd hoped, alas.

At first everything seemed fine and normal after i mixed-n-matched copying over the world and .dat/.mcr files to a fresh SSP install of technic 6..

Then i noticed the buildcraft pipes, while present, were not functioning nor showing the texture - the blocks are just solid but don't work, and don't show up other than the outline of the block it occupies..

The next problem is for some reason traversing through the map when getting to the final stage and completing it, all the RP2 blocks(marble, lamps, ect) suddently get the same problem as the buildcraft pipes, even though they worked in the start of the map just fine - lamps stop lighting the area, and only the outline is visible, and this then also applies to the blocks at spawn and throughout the map after you get to the ending :(

I've been looking over all the block IDs and item IDs in those mods, to no avail, it matches up fine, it doesn't seem to be ID-related.

Next thing i notice is that the mods themselves aren't the same versions, of course, but i'm wondering and going to do some testing with applying the Tekkit versions of some of the mods to the SSP technic 6 install to 'fix' the problem in a rather brute-force way..

It'll take some time yet though before anything like a playworthy soloing can be undertaken, unless someone outthere feels like lending me a superiorly skilled hand in the conversion from SMP->SSP - now that would of course be worthy of credit and praise too! ^^

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