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[3.1.2]SteadyCraft[PvE][64 slots][LWC][mcMMO][ChestShop][iConomy][GreifProtection][Most EE Banned]


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Website: http://steadycraft.enjin.com/


Who Are We?

We are an well experienced group of people around the world who love to have a great time with an amazing community and really hope to make some new friends.  The admins and mods are very familiar with Tekkit and love to see the community grow and change and build amazing things. 


Server Version

The current modpack and version we are running is Tekkit Classic 3.12









  1.  Respect fellow players.
  2.  No cheating or hacking.
  3.  No griefing.
  4.  No Hacking, cheating or duping of any kind.
  5.  Be nice.
  6.  Have common sense,
  7.  Have Fun.


  • 24/7 Uptime
  • Great staff
  • Minimum lag
  • EE mostly banned 

How the server works

  • mcMMO: You gain power level(the total of all your skill levels) by doing a variety of actions such as mining, fishing, woodcutting and many others.
  • Ranks: ranks work with mcMMO the higher power level you get the more permissions you are allowed.
  • Economy: The server uses a currency plugin which uses real in-game items as the currency(the ratio's are in the spawns rule room).
  • ChestShops: you can create a your own sign shop and sell item to other players and make money.
  • LWC: you can lock your chests, doors and pretty much everything valuable.
  • SafeCreeper: so you don't rage


  • mcMMO
  • LWC
  • ChestShop
  • iConomy
  • GroupManager
  • Safe Creeper

Disabled Mods

  • ComputerCraft
  • NetherOres
  • Balkons Weapons


Everything is banned is ee2 Except:

  • Talisman of repair
  • alchemy bags
  • Swiftwolf ring

Things banned in Industrial Craft 2

  • Quarry
  • Mining laser 
  • Dynamite
  • Nuke

Things banned in BuildCraft

  • Teleport Tether

Things banned in RailCraft

  • World Anchor

Things banned in Dimensional Anchors

  • Dimensional Anchor
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