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Fun with exploring[some pictures]


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so i' just updated my Technic to 7.0.1 to check out the mods, and as always, exploring does it again. I found a super epic Pirate ship with a "particle beam cannon(the lower front of the ship, not firing, of course. )".


i also noticed an increase with the generation of dungeons, and i mean it, like, 4 dungeon update every 3 minutes.


I also checked the Yogsbox. and as always, i have a crapload of better dungeons, like 5~8 dungeon in ONE biome. some of those overlaps with the battle tower, which i think helps a lot(though i only found 2 so it's hard to exploit.)


it also boasts some epic dungeons like the creeper//steve/herobrine shrine, and the "Nether Tower" with soulsands as floors.


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