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Easier conversion for mod updates

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I spawned a new world with Forestry turned off (as well as a few other mods I felt were bugged or overpowered). As a result, the world generated with no apatite ore. No forestry items exist on this world. Is there anything else I can do to prepare this world for transition? Because I'd like to avoid starting again. While I always love a fresh start in Minecraft, my players have made some pretty big and awesome things that they would hate to lose.

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Probably not much more you can do apart from make a note of what block IDs are used by what mods. If they change when SMP is properly updated to 1.2.5 you'll want to put them all back to what you have now.

Also.... if it's about cool things ppl have made then you could always use MCEdit to save them as schematics then slot them into a new world. They might become a bit strange if block IDs have changed but you'll be most of the way to recreating them.

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